Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

As a succesful temperature controlled logistics specialist we are always on the move. This does not mean though that we do not take our responsibilities seriously when it comes to protecting our world. A world which together we can make a little better.


We like to share our success with others, by offering our financial and / or material goods to their benefit whenever possible. We are therefore supporting very specific activities which contribute to i.e. the human well being.

Freight Line Europe actively supports the following initiative: 

Corporate social responsibility obviously goes further than this. That is why we like to give people with distance to the job market the opportunity to build (again) a social career. Which means that they can become a fully fledged part of society again from which we all can benefit.

Corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability : Freight Line Europe knows that protecting the environment is an important issue. As a large logistics operator we know we (can) make a direct impact. Therefore we comply with environmental legislation, have invested in trucks with limited emissions and focus on energy saving in and around our state of the art facility.

Lean and green is also for us the support programme to improve our logistical and mobility processes in a sustainable manner. This has resulted in a decrease of carbon dioxide emissions. To achieve this we have invested in a modern fleet of vehicles which all comply with the highest euro6 emission standard. Our trailer fleet is equipped with solar panels to support its diesel engine. Our drivers are regularly trained to support economical driving as well as a feedback programme regarding fuel consumption.

Also our state of the art facility has been built to the highest standards when it comes to sustainability. One example is the use of solar panels on the roof of the facility to generate “green” electricity to power our office and warehouse. 

If more electricity is generated than used the surplus will flow back into the power grid.

Our people

When it comes to our people and our clients we are looking for sustainable relationships. We provide our staff with opportunities to develop their abilities and where hard-work and talent will not go unnoticed. Also when it comes to our clients our aim is to create longterm relationships, in practice this means that we will go to great lengths to work together with our clients to create and offer them the best possible logistic solution. That way the supplier – client relation becomes much more a (longterm) partnership.

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